# 👋 Hello there!

General Kenobi

I am a network engineer working at [AS21473](https://bgp.tools/as/21473) and running [AS207781](https://bgp.tools/as/207781) (& some other projects) in my spare time. Used to do a lot of programming, nowadays it's more about fiddling with servers and stuff. Ways to contact me: - Email: [mail@mcl.gg](mailto:mail@mcl.gg) ([GPG](mail@mcl.gg.asc)) - Matrix: [@wrmsr:mcl.gg](https://matrix.to/#/@wrmsr:mcl.gg) - Telegram: [@wrmsr](https://telegram.me/wrmsr) - Discord: WRMSR#0101 - Twitter: [@WRMSRwasTaken](https://twitter.com/WRMSRwasTaken) - IRC: WRMSR on IRCnet & Libera Chat - LinkedIn: [Marcel Menzel](https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcel-menzel) - (GitHub: [WRMSRwasTaken](https://github.com/WRMSRwasTaken)) - ~~XMPP: mcl@mcl.gg~~ is no more! I switched to Matrix Some (more or less public) stuff I host here: - [Webmail](https://mail.mcl.gg) - [Matrix / Element](https://matrix.mcl.gg) - [IRC / TheLounge](https://irc.mcl.gg) - [GitLab](https://git.mcl.gg) - [NextCloud](https://nc.mcl.gg)